Summit Lectures

Special guests such as Ambassadors from Developing and Emerging Nations are invited to give lectures and hold debates that introduce various aspects about their countries such as; History, Culture, Education, Economy, Relations with Japan, and Expectations from Japan, especially the Japanese youth. The main objective is to emphasize the significance and benefits of studying overseas, and inspire students to spend a part of their studentship abroad. Students also get to understand the global perception/standing of Japan, and are expected to draw motivation to curve out their future with a global perspective.


Held since 2012 as follows;

1st Summit Lecture:20th Dec. 2012

2nd Summit Lecture:24th Jan. 2013

3rd Summit Lecture:13th Jun. 2013

4th Summit Lecture:23rd Jul. 2013

5th Summit Lecture:28th Nov. 2013

6th Summit Lecture:29th Oct. 2014

7th Summit Lecture:26th Nov. 2014

8th Summit Lecture:27th May 2015

9th Summit Lecture:2nd Dec. 2015