Summit Lecture Series 6: Education Systems in Africa - A Case of Uganda

公開日: 2014-11-07

The 6 th "Summit Lecture" took place on Wednesday 29th October 2014 at Tottori University. It was addressed by three guests from Makerere University-Uganda who included the First Deputy Vice Chancellor Prof. Ernest Okello Ogwang, Principal College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences Prof. Bernard Bashaasha and the Head of International Affairs Ms. Martha Loy Muwanguzi.

The guests provided background information about Uganda and delved into details of the country's education system right from elementary school to University. They explained the current state of Makerere University, highlighting existing academic programs and support systems for foreign students, and the potential for joint partnerships.

The guests also shared their personal study experiences abroad from where they said they drew critical inspiration and useful lifestyle comparisons with their home country. They said this led to greater  motivation to work hard to improve themselves, and sometimes greater appreciation of their own heritage.

While ending their talk, the guests invited Tottori University students to go spend some of their study time at Makerere University.

The lecture was attended by about 100 students and staff.

             The 1st Deputy Vice Chancellor Makerere University Prof. Ernest Okello-Ogwang talks to participants